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  • Allendale, MI–As a polyethylene (PE) bag manufacturer, Polymer Protective Packaging is expert at wicketed bags, staple pack bags, die cut bags/sheets, side-weld industrial cut bags, printed bulk bags, coextruded (coex) lip/tape poly mailers and other specialty and custom products. Our printed bulk bags and other polyethylene products consist of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, coextruded films, and >> read full post

  • ALLENDALE, MI — In the automotive industry and other industrial operations, shipping managers need a reliable source for quality protective packaging materials to protect their shipping items. As a leading provider of protective packaging products, Polymer Protective Packaging offers polyethylene (PE) foam which is a durable, lightweight, resilient, closed-cell material. PE foam is often used >> read full post

  • ALLENDALE, MI—When a company ships merchandise, it expects products to arrive in the same condition as they were sent. Polymer Protective Packaging offers shipping pouches made of spunbond polypropylene which is an excellent option for packaging and protecting shipped products. “Spunbond polypropylene is a non-woven fabric made from fine continuous filaments of polypropylene that are >> read full post

  • William D. Lanham II, who has served as the President of Polymer Packaging, Inc. since 2013, is moving into the role of President Emeritus. Lanham has been with PPI since 1987 and has been instrumental to the growth and success of the operation. Bill will remain active with the business and continue his work in >> read full post

  • The rigors of shipping and travel require that you make full use of protective packaging to ensure the contents arrive at their destination in the same condition you mailed them in. For a wide range of valuables and semi-valuables, Bubble Packaging Material helps utilize the full space of a package, and Bubble Bags make things >> read full post