Polymer Protective Packaging is the country’s leading provider of protective packaging products in a variety of markets, including the automotive, medical, commercial, furniture, health / beauty, and food & beverage industries. Our ISO 9001:2008 certificate allows us to be readily available to serve a variety of markets.

The importance of Protective Packaging cannot be overstated. While the need for Protective Packaging is obvious for some shipping items, such as glass or electronics, the appropriate Protective Packaging is necessary for many other items.

In the automotive industry, fulfillment and e-commerce operations, shipping managers need a reliable source for quality protective packaging materials. This can range from foam, bubble, spun bond and polyethylene bags & pouches. These materials need to:

  • Be dependable and reliable to deliver the orders when needed
  • Provide quality Protective Packaging products that can protect their shipping items while maintaining ease of use in their operations
  • Have pricing that is competitive
  • Understand the protective needs of the automotive and industrial operations markets