Low Tack Adhesive Film

PPP is a worldwide provider of pressure sensitive films and tapes. Providing products that are SLIT, PERFORATED, DIE-CUT, LAMINATED OR PRINTED allows us to quickly provide solutions and solve problems.

Industrial Films

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, tack levels and thicknesses

Films for the Automotive Industry

  • OEM Approved films for Exterior Painted Parts.  Roofs, Hoods, Door Panels, Bumpers, Fascia, Spoilers, Rocker Panels, etc.
  • OEM Approved films for Automotive Interior applications.  Doors, Consoles, Instrument Panels, Seats, Steering Wheels, Carpet, etc.

Film Products for the Metal Industry

  • Deep Drawn Metal Stampings
  • Stainless Coil Lamination

Roll Forming / Metal Fabrication

  • Film Products for Industrial Applications
  • Marine, Aerospace & Appliance
  • Glass ( Commercial and Residential )
  • Sign & Graphics Industry
  • Plastic Sheeting ( Polycarbonate / Acrylic )
  • Synthetic Marble & Granite

Temporary surface protection for Interior and Exterior parts.  Seven different tack levels ranging from 1 oz. / inch to 40 oz. / inch

Automotive exterior painted surface protection