Polymer Protective Packaging's Spring 2024 Expansion: Unlocking Potential for Larger Orders and Innovations


Polymer Protective Packaging is entering a transformative phase with its plant expansion, adding production and warehousing space to its facilities. The new space will be completed in the first quarter of this year. This strategic move aims to increase production capacity by 30% and storage capacity for raw materials by 40%. As well as granting the ability to explore exciting possibilities for product line growth. General Manager Tim Miller is quoted as saying: “The new expansion will allow us to grow the business we already have, as well as opening up the possibility for exciting new projects.”


Maximizing Storage for Larger Orders:

At the core of Polymer Protective Packaging's expansion is the goal of augmenting storage capacity for raw materials. The addition sets the stage for efficiently stockpiling raw materials, positioning the company to seamlessly fulfill larger orders. When talking about the new expansion shipping manager Denise Perez said, “The extra space will definitely make my job a lot easier”.  This initiative aligns with Polymer Protective Packaging's commitment to meeting the evolving demands of its diverse clientele.


Facilitating Innovation:

The expanded space signifies more than increased capacity; it symbolizes the potential for innovation. Polymer Protective Packaging now has the flexibility to consider options like integrating new technologies or types of packaging machinery as the industry evolves. This adaptability positions the company to stay at the forefront of innovation without being constrained by a predetermined path.


In Conclusion:

Polymer Protective Packaging's expansion is a strategic initiative that extends beyond physical space—it's a declaration of intent to lead not only in innovation but in product capability and efficiency. As Polymer Protective Packaging moves forward in 2024, the company is poised not only for growth but also for groundbreaking innovation in the dynamic world of engineered packaging solutions. We call it “Solutioneering”.