Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-Up Pouches

From a marketing perspective, the pouch is a dream come true, offering brands the ability to differentiate through seemingly infinite printability options and the ability to offer many different and convenient re-sealable closures.  Furthermore, the application of specially designed laminates means that pouches can offer retort properties, making it a real alternative to metal and plastic rigid enclosures.

More and more, consumer and commercial goods manufacturers are shifting focus away from more traditional, rigid packaging options.  Stand-Up pouches continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in packaging with new functionality being developed at a very rapid pace.

Utilizing a Stand-Up pouch for premium shelf appeal is a popular option as the flexibility of the solution is broad. Retort pouches can be manufactured in numerous sizes and shapes selection of the correct packaging material provides superb product protection, optimal chemical resistance, oxygen barrier, easy open and reclose, excellent consumer storage, the ability to microwave and many more features.

Our extensive experience in the production of multi-layer barrier laminates for food products, coupled with demand from the market, means that our pouch products are often used as modified atmosphere packaging. A Stand-Up pouch can drastically increase shelf life and reduce food waste.

PPI offers numerous Stand-Up pouch options for customers including:

  • Shaped Pouch
  • Spouted Pouch
  • Liquid Pouch
  • Printed Pouch
  • Box Pouch
  • Reclosable Pouch (Zipper, Hook & Loop, Slider, Press-to-close)
  • Retort Pouch
  • Foil Barrier Pouch
  • Inverted Pouch
  • Wicket Pouch
  • Frangible Seal Pouch
  • Multi-Compartment Pouch
  • EZ-Stand Pouch


PPI provides customers a variety of re-closable pouches and pouch ancillary items. These customer convenience components add flexibility and functionality to our pouches, and allow for further customization of our product line. Our goal at PPI is to provide our customers with reliable, product tested solutions, which are tailored to each customers needs. We will work with you to make sure a value added and unique component solution is achieved.

PPI offers the following components:

  • Spouts
  • Rails
  • Closures (Zippers, Sliders, Hook & Loop, Press-to-Close)