We Care!

The WHY behind what we do…

Every organization has its own unique culture. This past year, the PPI Management Team set out to determine “why” we do what we do. We talked with each other, with customers, and with employees. The predictable answer, money and success, are great results, but they do not explain “why” we do what we do, or how we do it.

Digging deeper, we discovered there was a common ingredient to our success. We Care. At all levels, whether in maintenance, production, sales, customer service, or finance, our people care about their neighbors, family, colleagues, customers, and suppliers. It has become our culture. “We Care” is an expression we take seriously. It’s who we are as a company, and as people.

We Care about providing the very best products, the very best services, the very best relationships, and the very best experiences. “We Care” makes us exceptional!

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This entire project has been unbelievable Steven, thanks again. I’ll be happy to write a review for your boss about your time with us here because its uncanny to have such a great partner! We have been on the same page since the first call and I’m just so blessed."
– Polymer Packaging Stand-Up Pouch Customer

“The term partner truly describes the team at Polymer Packaging. With any new product introduction comes risk; add the complexity of a new packaging medium and that risk increases exponentially. We credit Polymer with hitting every major timeline milestone with the result being a successful launch of our new product. Without reservation I would recommend Polymer Packaging and consider them to be on our short list of key suppliers.”
– Leading Beverage Industry Executive

“If we need prices on bags or films we have 10 – 15 different suppliers we could contact. Each will offer competitive pricing, a quality product and a commitment to deliver on time. But over the last 25-years only one has offered, and delivered, the most important factor in a purchasing decision – peace of mind.” “Before you get prices you’re asked questions, the kind of questions that determine the best solutions to the end user’s needs. Polymer Packaging doesn’t sell bags or films, they offer and deliver solutions. It’s those solutions that satisfy my customer’s need and give me the peace of mind I need to approach my next opportunity.” “Polymer Packaging ships products and, more importantly, delivers results. They care.”
– Leading Distribution Executive

“Polymer Packaging is one of our top suppliers. Not just from a dollar standpoint, but as an overall quality company. They have continually been able to adjust and meet any and all requests which has contributed to the success of our company. The level of commitment from the top on down is consistent at Polymer Packaging and has been demonstrated throughout our relationship.”
– Leading Beverage Industry Executive

“I want to pass on my personal appreciation for the outstanding operational performance and customer service your company has provided over the years. I can’t think of one time where I did not only receive timely and accurate answers from Kelly Umberger. She is a fantastic resource at your company. If she ever has the notion to move to Buffalo – please let her know she has a job waiting here. Kelly is pro-active, pleasant, and a valued advocate for our company. I hold her as a model for our CS team and our customers. Finally, Chris Thomazin has done an exceptional job for us as well. The nature of some of our orders require compressed lead times that I feel are unrealistic. Chris has been nimble in working with Kelly and your scheduling to ensure our customers do not feel any pain. We understand the nature of packaging manufacturing and all the moving pieces that have to move in sync to get final product to the customer, on time, of high quality. This takes tremendous effort by the whole team. Bill, as I am sure you know, you have a great team.”
– Leading Printer/Converter

“I have known Larry Lanham (CEO) of Polymer Packaging Inc. since 1997. I have personally interacted with Larry and many of his staff members as a salesperson working for a distributor who purchased from Polymer Packaging Inc. More recently, as a business owner, I continue to look to Larry for best practice advice as President of my own company. An example of his intensity, passion and compassion is when I had not spoken with Larry for several years and sent a short email asking advice. Within an hour I received detailed and comprehensive advice from the CEO of Polymer Packaging, Larry Lanham.

My recommendation focuses on the values of Larry and the staff at Polymer Packaging. I know when and if a serious challenge occurs that I will be taken care of in an honest, professional and ethical manner. Every nook and cranny of this operation and its staff have been meticulously developed and refined on a continuous basis. I encourage you to take full advantage of the resources at Polymer Packaging to solidify a lasting relationship with your client.”
– Leading Distribution Executive

“I am a manufacturers’ representative that looks to uncover and solve specific customer packaging issues. I was looking for a solution to a specialized packaging requirement when a fellow sales associate referred me to Terry Orr from Polymer Packaging. Our first phone conversation was the beginning of a long, mutually beneficial relationship. Terry and I, along with Lisa Ballinger and personnel from Polymer, have turned customer packaging problems into beneficial solutions. Terry brings a depth of knowledge of packaging and a willingness to tackle specialized customer needs to the table that few sales people possess. He has been an invaluable resource and mentor to me. Another very positive aspect of the relationship with Polymer has been the excellent job that Lisa Ballinger does as my customer service rep. Once we have uncovered an opportunity and provided a solution, Lisa is there to manage the day to day details.”
– Owner Packaging Supply Company

“I am sending you this message to let you know about the outstanding level of service I have received from your company! In the last 6 months I have had the pleasure of working with Alicia Schreiber. She has helped me take an idea and turn it in to the fantastic product I hoped for. At the bottom of every email I received I could see your companies message- “Without customers, we do not exist. Our every action must exceed our customer’s expectations… This statement could not be more true to my experience!! I look forward to my next order with your company!”
– Leading Baby Food Packaging Executive

“The customer was so happy you have everything ready, she said “I think I love you!” Please tell everyone we said great job! You’ve made us look good having everything go so smoothly on these releases.”
– Leading Printer/Converter

“Thank you. My compliments to your team. It seems companies are taking longer and longer to quote but you’ve been very timely. I appreciate that and since you represent the front end of your business, it’s a good “leading impression.”
– Leading Printer/Converter

“Polymer Packaging continues to get an “A” in responsiveness. Thanks!”
– Leading Printer/Converter

“I also wanted to let you know that Kelly has been doing a great job for us! I know we often do not take the time to let our people know how much we appreciate their efforts and their service. Please let Kelly know that she is much appreciated by the team.”
– Leading Printer/Converter

“I have been pleased with the fast and professional service that our company has received since we switched to Polymer Packaging. Lisa George has been a joy to work with and goes the extra mile to assure that our expectations are met. I highly recommend Polymer Packaging for anyone looking to upgrade their packaging needs.”
– Leading Packaging Converter

“I would like to thank you, Kelly, and everyone else at Polymer for the excellent work and customer service you provide. There have been a number of times that our customer’s order’s all of a sudden become HOT. Each time I call/email and ask for help to expedite, help has always been given along with a very fast response. For instance today, our order needs to ship as soon as possible and you just received it in yesterday. When I emailed Kelly, I had a response quick and she was on it to get this shipped out today complete. This is just one example. Thank you for the great work and it really is a pleasure to work with each of you.”
– Leading Printer/Converter

“Customer service, meaning do what you say you will do, is so important to my business relationships with my customers and vendors, that’s why I chose to associate myself with Polymer Packaging. There are many competitors for every piece of business I do, but what sets me apart is a relationship like mine with Polymer Packaging, in which I know I get the best solution to my customer’s problem and the service and quality second to none in the industry. If you’re looking for solutions, quality and service, I know you will find it at Polymer Packaging.”
– Owner Packaging Supply Company

“We consider Polymer Packaging a valued partner. We have worked together for several years on our custom bag programs and are confident that their product knowledge and creativity has the customer’s best interest in mind. That said we look forward to their support in years to come.”
– President Packaging Services Company

“As a long time customer of Polymer Packaging we have found them to be one of our top suppliers. Combining great service, on time deliveries and competitive pricing along with their updates of market conditions has been beneficial to our growing business.”
– Leading Mattress Supply Executive

“We have been working with Ed and Lisa at Polymer Packaging for over ten years. Their understanding of our packaging requirements contributes to the success of our company. Quality products, coupled with great customer service.”
– Leading Meat Processing Executive