Stretch Hooder Film

Stretch Hooder Film Advantages

  • Protection on all five sides with superior holding force
  • Easier handling
  • Load stability
  • Load visibility
  • Excellent tear, dart and puncture resistance
  • Brand Identification and visibility
  • Barcode readablity
  • Higher-quality resins create a stronger film to secure heavy loads
  • Best in class gauge control (<3%) (IS is 10%) ensures a fixed price per pallet
  • SKU consolidation– Polymer’s Stretch Hooder Films can palletize a broader range of pallet sizes
  • Source reduction/sustainability by downgauging from 25—50% reduces overall cost

Stretch Hooder Film Features

  • Compatible with all major stretch hooding systems
  • Weather protection
  • UV protection
  • Anti-stat
  • Anti-fog
  • Clear, tinted, or opaque film
  • Printing available
  • Recyclable 
  • Formulations - Co-Polymer-X and standard “me-too” formulations available
Stretch Hooder Film

Stretch Hooder Film Applications

Building Materials | Food and Beverage | Household Appliances | Corrugated | Bricks and Cement | Bags | Chemicals | Fertilizer | Minerals | Pellets | Mulch

Stretch Hooder Film Extrusion

Stretch Hooder Film Specifications

Material: PE
Film Circumference: Film Layflat 35” – 148” - Gusset Face Width 20” – 110”
Stretch Ratio: Up to 180%
Gauge: .001mil – .009mil

Core Options: Fiberboard
Inner Core Dimensions: 3” and 6”
Min. Roll Diameter: 20”
Max. Roll Diameter: 48”|
Minimum Volume Requirements: 5000/lbs per SKU

Outperforms thicker gauge Mono-Ply film in all tests!

Gauge Thickness

Dart Impact

TEAR RESISTANCE (Elmendorf Tear)

Tensile Strength