Leakproof Square Bottom Bags

PFB flat bottom bag

The proprietary design enables a stand-up pouch design in Gaylord or other size configurations.

Today’s products require packaging solutions that are both economical and effective. Too often packaging utilized in the manufacturing process results in excess waste of raw materials and ingredients used in the final product.

Traditionally, poly bags (placed in gaylord boxes/containers) are used to transport raw materials/ingredients to the production line. Gusseted poly bags have been the customary choice to store/ship raw materials. Unfortunately, “gusseted poly bags” can be problematic. Material can get trapped in the gussets and cannot be properly evacuated out of the bag.

In addition, the gusseted design is not engineered to handle heavier product weight, nor does it have adequate seal strength. As a result, leakage can occur.

Until Today.

Eliminate Waste of High Value Raw Materials/Ingredients.
Prevent Potential Leakage.

Polymer Packaging has created a new proprietary design solving the issues with gusseted poly bags with the introduction of SquareSeal™ Leakproof Square Bottom Bags.


  • Double Bottom Seal – two independent seals to ensure no leakage.
  • Square bottom – the bag squares off allowing all the product to be evacuated. Nothing gets caught in the gussets.
  • Differential slip available. We can make bags slippery on the inside and tacky on the outside so they form well to the container.
  • Barrier bags available. We can formulate the film to protect it from oxygen and moisture.
  • SQF Superior Rated Certification.
PFB flat bottom bag

A leak-proof design is achieved though independently cross-sealing the gussets and then adding a double bottom seal to the bottom of the bag.


Food Service

Sizes: 25 x 20 x custom length to 50 x 40 to custom length

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Polymer Packaging can customize a SquareSeal bag manufactured specifically for your product application. Our ADIET Proven Process improves overall sustainability and drive down overall costs.

Polymer Packaging offers a free lab analysis ($500 value) to establish existing film specifications. We then offer a 100% guaranteed minimum trial production order. If it doesn’t perform, you don’t pay for it. Guaranteed.

gusseted bag not fully emptied

Material evacuation is difficult as the material cannot be evacuated properly as it is ‘trapped” behind the gussets resulting in 1-2% raw material loss.