Suspension and Retention Packaging

Our cost-effective, high-protection film and corrugated packaging options secure and then suspend your product in the center of the shipping container – safely distanced from all sides. These assemblies are scalable and customizable, making our packaging an ideal solution to protect a wide range of products.


  • Cellphone and Laptop protection
  • Foam Replacement
  • Tamper evidence seals
  • Stocking Program available
  • Reduced Warehousing space
  • Machine part repair
  • Circuit Board static barrier and protection

For Specific Retention Packaging Product

  • Cell phone package
  • Large depth package
  • Laptop package
  • Plate w/spring bottom package
  • Tablet package
  • Water heater package
  • Wine bottle package

For Specific Suspension Packaging Product

  • Tablet package
  • Taller Item
  • Water heater package


  • 100% Recyclable
  • Static Barrier protection
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Crush resistance
  • Variable Stretch options
  • Impact resistance
  • Corrosion inhibitor protection
  • Attractive product display


INNOVATIVE: Our designs are one-piece package assemblies consisting of a durable and flexible PE film sleeve and corrugated paperboard. Additionally, our film sleeves can be adjusted as needed to secure low profile to high profile items. These assemblies use no glue in the process, and multiple film materials and mil thickness, along with a variety of paperboard combinations, are available in order to meet both your performance and cost targets.

PROTECTIVE: From Block and Brace applications to the protection of fragile items, from one-way shipping requirements to returnable packaging solutions, our product is ready to provide a solution that will ensure for the safe delivery of your products.

ATTRACTIVE: Our system allows your product to be showcased through a resilient and transparent film. This attractive solution enables your product to be protected, yet visible with an outstanding view, ready for merchandising.

VERSATILE & ECONOMICAL: We have the ability to accommodate a multitude of similar product sizes, weights and shapes. This versatility reduces the number of custom packages required for each of your products. You will have less packaging stock on hand, allowing for more productivity using the inventory you have. And since our assemblies ship flat, less space is required for storage.

SUSTAINABLE: We are proud to offer green products. Our packaging solutions are 100% curbside recyclable. Since no glues are used in our process, the film sleeve can be easily separated from the corrugated paperboard for recycling.