Suspension and Retention Packaging

Our cost-effective, high-protection film and corrugated packaging options secure and then suspend your product in the center of the shipping container – safely distanced from all sides. These assemblies are scalable and customizable, making our suspension or retention packaging an ideal solution to protect a wide range of products. Suspension packaging solutions typically offer impact resistance while retention packaging secures the product and prevent shifting.

Suspension and Retention Overall Applications

Cellphone and Laptop protection
Foam Replacement
Tamper evidence seals
Stocking Program available
Reduced Warehousing space
Machine part repair
Circuit Board static barrier and protection

Retention/Suspension Packaging Features

Static Barrier protection
Wide range of sizes
Crush resistance
Variable Stretch options
Impact resistance
Corrosion inhibitor protection
Attractive product display

Retention/Suspension Benefits

INNOVATIVE: Our designs are unique package assemblies consisting of a durable and flexible PE film and corrugated paperboard.

PROTECTIVE: Our solutions are custom designed to shield mailed items from any physical harm and damage. In transport, packages are subject to dropping, rough handling and movement from vehicles, making them prone to damage.

ATTRACTIVE: Our retention or suspension solutions visibly displays your product to the end-user that is both functional and attractive.

VERSATILE & ECONOMICAL: Your solution is designed to accommodate a number of product sizes, weights and shapes which reduces the number of packages required for each of your products. The result – less packaging inventory stock on hand and less storage required since our assemblies ship flat.

SUSTAINABILITY: Retention and suspension solutions help overall reduction of materials typically used in in the protective packaging industry, i.e., packing peanuts, bubble bags, packing foam and packing paper, etc. The result – less materials going into landfill and overall carbon footprint reduction.

Retention Packaging

Retention packaging solutions typically offer impact resistance…

Suspension Packaging

Suspension packaging solutions typically secures the product in-place and prevents shifting…