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  • Massillon, OH—Co-Polymer-X from Polymer Packaging is a lower cost, higher quality replacement to standard film used in any application where plain, unprinted film is being used. Co-Polymer-X is a stronger but thinner, lightweight film alternative to conventional film, making it ideal for food and industrial packaging applications. It increases strength yet saves money and reduces >> read full post

  • Massillon, OH—Many of today’s shoppers prefer flexible, stand-up pouches over traditional, rigid packaging. Consumers have driven demand for stand-up pouches exponentially over the past decade, whether for snack foods, beverages, baby food or industrial oils and lubricants. Polymer packaging is at the forefront of converting rigid packaging into flexible stand-up packaging in a variety of >> read full post

  • Massillon, OH—When shopping for food and beverage products, consumers respond to attractive convenience. Utilizing a stand-up pouch for premium shelf appeal is a popular option that continues to gain popularity in the United States. As a leading supplier of stand-up pouches, Polymer Packaging offers EZ Stand, a new technology to convert VFFS pillow packs into >> read full post

  • Massillon, OH— As a licensed provider of INNO-LOK® technology, Polymer Packaging, Inc. offers the patented INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film for barrier and non-barrier packaging applications. It is a patented product and method for attaching reclosable fasteners transversely to packaging films, thereby producing a roll of pre-zippered film. “INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film literally changed the way zippers are >> read full post

  • William D. Lanham II, who has served as the President of Polymer Packaging, Inc. since 2013, is moving into the role of President Emeritus. Lanham has been with PPI since 1987 and has been instrumental to the growth and success of the operation. Bill will remain active with the business and continue his work in >> read full post