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  • William D. Lanham II, who has served as the President of Polymer Packaging, Inc. since 2013, is moving into the role of President Emeritus. Lanham has been with PPI since 1987 and has been instrumental to the growth and success of the operation. Bill will remain active with the business and continue his work in >> read full post

  • Polymer Packaging is pleased to announce that we received an Excellent Rating on our SQF Level III audit with a score of 98 out of 100. Although Polymer Packaging does not fill food in our facility, we are interested in maintaining the highest quality and safest packaging and therefore products for our customers. The overarching goal >> read full post

  • Actually not us specifically, but pouches in general. Fitment pouches, shaped pouches, Stand-Up pouches and so forth. Although holistically pouches are far better environmentally and most of the time have a greater user experience we get hit by the fact that we aren’t generally recyclable. Given the overall equation of sustainability and environmental footprint though…we >> read full post

  • Once again, on behalf of all the employees a big thanks to Larry and Bill for creating an exceptional company and vision that we have all wholeheartedly embraced. Congrats to everyone for all their hard work and service to the company and especially each other to make us continue to be successful! Cheers to 30 >> read full post

  • Polymer Packaging, Inc. is pleased to announce that we’ve recently completed our Procter and Gamble vendor outsourcing quality plant audit! This extensive two-day audit is a difficult yet mandatory requirement to be placed on the company-wide approved outsourcing supplier database list within P&G. We are proud to announce this information so that we may further >> read full post