Polymer Packaging Services

Comprehensive Flexible Packaging Services – From Start to Finish.

The packaging environment has been challenging for all industries. Successful packaging producers have come under increased scrutiny to reduce process scrap as the cost of raw materials cannot be recovered from customers. Process improvements, machinery and raw materials sourcing have delivered significant savings for PPI customers.

Whether your needs are end-to-end solutions or are a specific flexible packaging service, PPI can partner with you. Flexible packaging services include:

  • Project Coordination – We will assist with the synchronization and integration of all activities, responsibilities, and deadlines, ensuring that the project is completed efficiently, on time, and in accordance with the original stated objectives.
  • Product Description – A detailed and overall description of the product or services will be provided to make sure there is no confusion between parties.
  • Material Development – All materials will be developed and created by gaining an understanding of the needs and specification of each customer, and implementing this information to develop the proper materials required for the project.
  • Product Design – PPI will provide our strategic and tactical knowledge to design a product unique to each customer’s individual needs. We will begin by generating product ideas and concepts, eventually turning these concepts into tangible products.
  • Prototyping – A prototype or sample will be provided before the product or project is finalized, allowing the customer to give valuable input and recommendations and test out the product before project completion.
  • Printing – PPI offers a complete range of prepress, printing and finishing services that allow our clients to communicate their ideas and strengthen their brand.
  • Toll Converting – PPI will provide processing for a wide range of materials for different industries. Our converting expertise and equipment allow us to provide important details regarding formulation and processing of the material or product.
  • Contract Filling – We have the capability of providing a myriad of packaging services ranging from the simple to the complex, based on what the project requires.
  • Warehouse / Handling / Shipping – PPI is able to provide storage capabilities for our customers, as well as ultimately shipping the items out to the desired end user.