When Leakers Are Not An Option

Manufacturers know that eye catching graphics, prime shelf position and catchy verbiage sell. However, they have always known shelf-presence is not enough. Product quality and package functionality are two very important elements as well. Still, they are driven to increase market share, improve processing, and guarantee taste, consumer safety, and lower overall cost. Pretty daunting, right? Oh, there’s more…

In a world of Zero Tolerance, there is no room for error. This is especially true for liquid filled pouches. Whether it’s single serve cocktails, baby food or applesauce — one leaking pouch ruins the whole bunch.

Polymer Packaging has helped define the packaging market for decades with their responsiveness, innovation, and a keen perspective on how to solve the toughest packaging dilemmas.

Polymer Packaging is proud to introduce LSP Leak-Proof Shaped Pouch technology to companies looking for cutting edge shelf presence, functionality, form and peace of mind.

Polymer Packaging introduces LSP “simply because leakers are not an option”. Polymer Packaging has executed the perfect formula to making leak-proof shaped pouches. By using high quality films, exceptional laminations and proprietary sealant blends, combined with state of the art pouch making equipment, we have crafted the superior leak-proof pouch. All of this coupled with our exceptional people, a relentless commitment to quality and continuous improvement training are what differentiate us from everyone else. It’s all about getting better to be the best. It’s because We Care!

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