Want To Stand Up and Stand Out Next To Your Competition?

Then Stand-Up Pouches Just Might Be The Total Package

Stand-Up Pouches come in all shapes and sizes, and they have some distinct advantages over rigid containers. Manufacturing costs are a fraction of that of rigid packaging, they are extremely light weight/compact hence cost effective to ship, likelihood of damage during shipping and stocking is greatly reduced, and they are more flexible in design.

In today’s economic climate, it is imperative to minimize unnecessary expenditure all the while improving the customer’s perception of the product. Stand-Up Pouches have certainly made this possible by utilizing the innate flexibility of these pouches. Rigid packaging creates unnecessary weight and bulk, with limited creative potential. And, in the ‘green society’ we have come to appreciate, customers and consumers are all too aware of waste.

Stand-Up Pouches on the other hand are able to be tailored to the product or brand. Whether it is dry or a liquid, the Stand-Up Pouch is designed to provide the utmost protection throughout the distribution process to ensure it arrives in the customer’s hands in its intended condition without any unnecessary bulk. By customizing the packaging to the product, waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

Different products have different requirements and Stand-Up Pouches are able to be manufactured not only to different sizes with ease, but also to different barrier requirements as well. If extended shelf life is a consideration, extra protection can be incorporated into the pouch without any loss of flexibility in its physical characteristics. Various Stand-Up Pouch versions like Shaped Pouches, Spouted Pouches and Retort Pouches are becoming quite popular in the marketplace today.

These pouches can be manufactured into almost any design, shape, spouted, with zippers and/or with windows, to give a unique point of difference to a product line.

Pick your style:

  • 2 side seal
  • 3 side seal
  • Shaped
  • Spouted
  • Tear Notches
  • Zipper
  • Bottom Gusset (folded and inserted)
  • Lip
  • K-seal
  • Wicketed Pouches
  • Doy Pak
  • Bottom Load Zip Top
  • Hang Holes
  • One-Way Valves
  • Die-cut Handles

Not only can they support a whole new level of graphics and designs, but the shape and style of the pouch can become a huge part of the branding. This is a massive advantage over your typical rigid container. These pouches can even have pre-applied zipper, Inno-Lok, applied prior to converting. This creates a unique and convenient closure system for the consumer.

New products are being introduced every day, and it is fair to say that rigid packaging is no longer the innovative answer. A Stand-Up pouch allows all the flexibility that is needed to meet the challenge of an ever-evolving consumer market.

Let our experts develop your company’s next great food or beverage packaging solution. Whether your goal is to reinvigorate sales or launch a new product, we stand prepared to guide you along the way. Please Contact one of our Stand-Up Pouch experts today!