Lock in consumers by offering the Inno-Lok resealable feature to your product packaging

When choosing packaging options for food there are many choices left to manufacturers. One choice that should be clear is to use Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered Film as a preferred closure option. The wide variety of available styles, features, and applications of Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered Film make it one of the easiest decisions to make in food packaging.

What is Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered Film?

Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered Film is a patented product and method used to attach reclosable fasteners to packaging films. The process creates a pre-zippered roll-stock which can then be used in form-fill-seal applications. All of this combines to create a versatile, reliable, and best of all cost-effective packaging closure solution.

Available Styles

Depending on the product to be packaged, Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered Film can be used with multiple opening styles to support a wide variety of items. Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered Film can be applied for:

  • Front Panel design
  • Bag Top design
  • Pour and Lok™ design (reclosable pour spout)

This versatility allows for Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered film to be used in an incredibly wide variety of food product packaging. The front panel design is ideal for frozen foods, granular products, such as sugar, flour & seasonings whereas the Bag Top design is great for produce, snack foods, pet food, bread crumbs and more.

Great Production Features

Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered film will run on conventional Vertical Form Fill Seal packaging equipment in a manner that’s similar to conventional non-zippered films. This means that there’s:

  • No slowdown in processing speeds
  • Less scrap or waste than non-zippered films
  • Less set up time than non-zippered films

All of that translates into being better for a business’s bottom line by creating a better quality package with a faster processing time than other re-closable packaging methods. There’s far less down time while still having a great deal of flexibility in machine scheduling. This allows businesses to increase their product sales while minimizing their losses, all while delivering a user friendly, resealable package that simply does what it should. Inno-Lok Pre-Zippered film will run on a variety of existing Vertical Form Fill Seal machinery. The ability to run on existing machinery allows users to avoid additional capital investments.

For more information, please contact Alicia Schreiber at 614-315-2271.