InnoLok Bag Top Application – Providing WIDER Variety to Reclosable Packaging

Inno-Lok pre-zippered film has distinct advantages over traditional zippered film to be sure. While there are multiple end product closure options, one of the most useful and certainly most versatile is the Bag Top version of Inno-Lok. Most users are pleasantly surprised at the adaptability, quality and ease of use that the Bag Top Inno-Lok closure option offers.

What Is Bag Top Inno-Lok?

The Bag Top closure option for Inno-Lok pre-zippered film utilizes the Inno-Lok application process to create a traditional opposing wall opening feature. The zipper closures are pre-applied to the roll stock, and then used to create the Bag Top entry feature which generally creates a much wider opening than other available options. This opening is wider, which can help with customer ease of use. It’s ideal for snack foods or any other product where a customer might put their whole hand in the bag to get more of the product.

What Can Bag Top Inno-Lok Do?

The end result of using the Bag Top Inno-Lok closure option yields results that are identical to packages created via the use of traditional in-line systems. The Bag Top zipper is pre-applied to the roll stock, and can be used in the exact same manner as the traditional Front Panel Inno-Lok opening feature. This closure option can be utilized to create a hermetic gas seal for the contents that require high barrier.

Access to the final package would then be gained by cutting the top, and then opening the zipper. If a perforated top is desired rather than a cut top opening, that can also be achieved using the Inno-Lok Bag Top style. The bag will remain sealed until the perforation or cut top barrier is breached, which ensures that the integrity of the product is not compromised.

What’s Needed to Make Bag Top Inno-Lok Work?

Bag Top Inno-Lok film can be run on almost all standard machinery, and uses lots of the same processes. The final seal on an unsealed zipper flange is made at the VFFS process and the overall product requires a slight F-F-S seal jaw modification. Like the other applications of Inno-Lok film, the Bag Top closure option can be used on existing machinery with a minimum of adjustments and modifications. This results in a more efficient process with less waste, less machinery adjusting, and less down time, all of which have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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