Improve Your Shelf Presence with Flexible Pouches; Shaped, Spouted or Stand-Up

It’s brutal out there.

The competition for shelf space has never been more intense. Marketers and sales people are more aggressive than ever. End caps are at a premium. And, consumers are looking for more than just a great-tasting product at a great price—they want convenience too.

It’s more difficult than ever for a product to do well in today’s ultra-competitive market. These days, food processors need any advantage they can get.

And lately, that means eschewing traditional cans, bottles and boxes for flexible pouches.

It’s true! Tuna, for example, used to come exclusively in hard-to-open cans. Today, thanks to the marvelous design of the flexible pouch, it’s available in easy-to-open flexible pouches. Tuna’s not just for Saturday afternoon sandwiches anymore. Nope. Now it’s a quick snack for the kids before practice. It’s a practical lunch option for business people everywhere. It’s practical. And it’s all thanks to the flexible pouch.

Flexible pouches make a lot of sense for food processors; they give food processors options. Flexible pouches can be designed specifically for a product. Need one that stands up on the shelf? No problem! Looking for an easy-to-operate spout? Done! Or how about one with a unique shape, maybe for pickles, produce or pie filling? For sure!

In a grocery market world that’s traditionally been boxed in by bad design, flexible pouches are refreshing options—for marketers, store managers and consumers.

They look great, work great and differentiate products from competitors.

Yes, it’s brutal out there. The battle for shelf space has never been more competitive. Thankfully, flexible pouches are available for nearly any product.