Important Announcement for our Valued Converter Partners

Polymer Packaging, Inc. is pleased to announce that we’ve recently completed our Procter and Gamble vendor outsourcing quality plant audit!

This extensive two-day audit is a difficult yet mandatory requirement to be placed on the company-wide approved outsourcing supplier database list within P&G. We are proud to announce this information so that we may further support the demands of our Converter partners supplying Procter and Gamble with value add flexible packaging Stand-Up pouches, fitment pouches, Inno-lok pre-zippered film products.

Certified for SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacture of Food Packaging and Quality Edition 8.0 should provide additional incentive for choosing Polymer Packaging Inc. as your toll converter partner in servicing the packaging needs of Procter and Gamble or other major customers with very stringent quality requirements. If you work directly with P&G and need an approved toll converter partner we can help. For the entire breadth of our services please visit for more information.

In addition we are proud to announce that our “Innovative Pouch Packaging division” in Allendale, MI is adding two Pouch fitment insertion machines with tooling for 4 stock sized fitments and caps. The 4 fitment sizes available with NO additional upfront tooling cost requirements are 9.6mm, 13mm, 16mm and 21.5mm opening sizes with caps for center fitment pouches.  With no upfront tooling cost this makes new smaller quantity fitment pouch projects more cost effective and an available contract filling option all in one. For a recent post on the following please visit our site for more information

We have tooled our Thom pouch filling line to be able to fill all four fitment sizes in order to minimize startup costs for new projects in Non-food liquid pouch projects.  Food grade liquids to follow soon!

We are looking to fill liquid non-food items initially for Oils, paints, lubricants, cleaning chemicals as well as FDA over the counter items for personal care, health and beauty items. Gain speed to market with our ability to manufacture liquid Stand-Up pouches, insert fitments, fill and cap. In addition we can handle packaging and logistics for any new or existing project to increase speed to market for new product launches from 8 – 12 months to well under 4 months. This turn-key process is under one umbrella and provides expert direction throughout.

Some customers would prefer to buy equipment in house though. Well, in addition to the contract filling operation we are pleased to offer a full line of IPP rotary (through the spout) filling equipment at extremely cost effective prices. If you choose to install filling equipment in your customer’s operation, then we can expertly facilitate that process with you as well.

Our goal (as we’re sure you can see!) is to create a one stop complete turnkey solution with our converter partners or their customers which provides everyone with less upfront cost and shorter lead times. We’ve successfully eliminated as many of the normal roadblocks that disqualify or stall many new projects from ever making it to the retail shelf, industrial warehouse or tradeshow floor!

We’ve already invested in our mutual gain, so we’re ready for your call to us with your Toll pouch converting, fitment insertion, or contract filling and equipment projects.

We are here to help you grow the retail pouch packaging world!

William D Lanham II
Polymer Packaging, Inc.