Easy To Use Pour Spout For Side Gusseted Bags?

Yep, The Pour & Lok Press to Close Feature From Polymer Packaging Has The Deal Sealed!

Food processing companies across the USA are starting to rethink their packaging methods, to get the most out of their packaging with not only efficient, but affordable, easy-to-use concepts that consumers will love.

Introducing Pour & Lok!

Pour & Lok is a new and innovative packaging solution from Polymer Packaging a pre-zippered, packaged closure which can produce resealable, side-gusseted bags and pouches with an easy-to-use pour spout! It’s the latest addition to the Inno-Lok resealable packaging family which features a new and unique opening style; a foldable closure in the side gusset of the package, resulting in an easy press to close Pour & Lok feature.

Ease of Use

Pour & Lok’s innovatively designed pour spout will revolutionize the way consumers use their resealable products, and will keep them coming back for more over competitor packaging. Why? Because it’s so simple and easy to use that once they try it, they’ll remember to pick up the package with the most functionality instead of the non resealable packaging they used to purchase.

Portion Control

An added benefit of Pour & Lok is the ability to easily measure and maintain portion control. The food industry is putting a focus on health & nutrition, why not assist with healthy choices in your packaging style. Stores are adopting this focus by putting nutritional info on store displays. Having the Pour & Lok reclosing function along with the pour spout make it easier to use and measure each serving. Pour & Lok is making its way to the U.S., be a step ahead of your competition and appeal to consumers with this exciting reclosing option.

Great Value

Since the Pour & Lok closure is pre-applied to roll stock, the pre-zippered film can run easily on vertical-form-fill-seal machinery. This creates a higher production rate in food processing, and no reduction on processing speeds, cutting down scrap and down time, in turn creating value!

The Technical Part

On the production line, the Pour & Lok pre-zippered film slides easily over the forming collar. Tucker plates tuck in the side gussets, and a slightly modified seal jaw applies the spur seal to the package. This simple yet effective production innovation can save time and money, while providing a great packaging solution that consumers will buy.

Flexible and Versatile

Pour & Lok is available for form-fill-seal applications, and pre-made bags and pouches, so why not choose Pour & Lok today for an easy press to close, value-added packaging solution.

Video Presentation

This short video presentation demonstrates how the innovative and effective Pour & Lok solution can benefit both food production companies and consumers.

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