To Use or Not To Use Protective Packaging? How Much Is It Really Costing You?

Any company that ships its products needs to understand the importance of adequate protective packaging. The hazards associated with poorly protected products extend beyond the loss of time and money. Poor protective packaging resulting in damaged products will tarnish a company’s brand image severely.

Minimizing Shipping Packaging: Pitfalls

Some businesses make the mistake of neglecting the element of proper protective packaging in order to save associated costs. This approach is short-sighted at best because it tends to overlook several potential repercussions that invariably create heavier monetary losses in the long run.

Return Cost

Any product that is found to be damaged would obviously need to be returned. Apart from being tedious and involving a number of people and processes, re-packaging, and returning the product is very expensive and irritating for both you and your customer.

Procedural Hassles

The return of shipped products many times involves lengthy processes and paper work involving customer service, purchasing, shipping and receiving as well as accounting departments. All this can be easily avoided if the company resists the temptation of adopting a shortcut approach and uses high quality protective packing products to ship products safely.

Loss of Goodwill

This is by far the most serious outcome confronted by the company because such scenarios lead to loss of goodwill. This can seriously damage the long-term prospects of companies, especially new ones, because second chances are rare in a tough, competitive marketplace which thrives on excellence, professionalism and guidelines.

Protective Packaging: A Marketing and Communication Platform

It is worthwhile to note that the use of high quality protective packaging is not just an outlet to safeguard product from theft and other calamities; it also serves as a marketing and communication tool.

Professional protective packaging will enhance an entity’s brand image while highlighting their professionalism. Apart from piquing the interest level of its customers, nicely-crafted packages also demonstrate that a company is willing to put its best foot forward while delivering its products.

In addition, protective packaging can be used to communicate pertinent information about a company or its products through symbols, pictures and logos. For instance, medical products may convey useful information about the brand, dosage and other instructions.

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