Spunbond? No, It’s Not The Title Of The Newest James Bond Movie…

So, What Is It:

Spunbond polypropylene is a non-woven fabric made from fine continuous filaments of polypropylene that are bonded together using a heat process. Spunbond polypropylene pouches offer a safe and economical way to package painted parts. The properties of Spunbond polypropylene will contribute positively to your reputation and your bottom line.

Low Abrasion:

Spunbond polypropylene pouches possess very low abrasion characteristics. This means they are perfect for packaging parts with high scuff sensitivity. Scratch-free shipping is a priceless asset for any company and when you are shipping expensive custom parts your choice of packing materials can make all the difference.


Spunbond polypropylene’s unique structure promotes maximum air flow. This allows for off gassing and prevents condensation build up. Now freshly treated or painted parts that may be off gassing can be packed sooner helping to increase productivity.


Spunbond polypropylene is extremely durable and flexible. The structures of the filaments that make up the non-woven fabric are heat treated to bind the fibers and increase their tensile strength. Spunbond polypropylene pouches are strong and puncture proof to elevate the level of protection of your parts during shipping.


Spunbond polypropylene is eco-friendly. It does not contain or emit any harmful chemicals nor is it produced using any. Even its fabrication process is environmentally sound. Spunbond polypropylene pouches are so strong and effective they can be used over and over again.

Spunbond polypropylene pouches offer the best alternative to traditional packing materials. This unique product possesses superior performance and protection for today’s packaging and shipping needs, especially for painted parts. In business, win-win situations are ideal and that’s what Spunbond polypropylene can do for your company by increasing productivity, elevating company reputation, saving money, saving resources and getting the job done right. The future of safe shipping is here and it’s called Spunbond polypropylene.

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