Making Sense of Protective Packaging

Spunbond, Wickets, Lip and Tape Bags, Die Cuts, oh my – What does it all mean? Okay, you need Protective Packaging and may not know where to begin? No worries, Polymer Protective Packaging is here to help. Our experts are only a phone call away. In the meantime, we’ve done our best to define the key items that make up this “Protective Category”. We hope you find this helpful.

Self-Seal Bubble Bags are cushioned pouches made from bubble wrap. There is no need for extra padding as items placed inside the bags are protected by the cushion feature and secured by a strong adhesive closure. Self-Seal Bubble Bags are perfect for shipping products and mailing gifts, as well as providing extra protection for the storage of fragile items. They are also used in industrial and automotive packaging for shock and vibration protection when shipping long distances.

Foam Pouches are made of polyethylene, anti-static, non-abrasive foam that comes in variety of sizes. Foam pouches are great for packing dishes, glassware, picture frames, and breakable figurines and mementos.

Spunbond Polypropylene Bags are used when fine surfaces need to be protected from marring and moisture during shipping. Spunbond polypropylene is a nonwoven, breathable fabric that is light, chemical resistant, and nontoxic. Spunbond Polypropylene Bags act as a shield against scratching of delicate finishes such as chrome parts, painted parts, leather upholstery, shoes, and garments.

Die-Cut Poly Bags are inexpensive and reusable polyethylene bags, making them ideal for retail stores, conventions and trade shows. The reinforced handle lends itself to carrying heavier products and the sturdy grip and handle fit any size hand. Die-Cut Poly Bags come in regular and fold over styles. They can also be made into specialty bags to fit custom shapes for industrial and automotive packaging.

Header Bags have separate sections at the top that are used for printing and/or hole punches, making this bag excellent for hanging and for rack displays. Header Bags can also be made of special materials for devices requiring barriers to light, oxygen or moisture.

Wicketed Bags are stacked and attached to a metal wicket that acts as a dispenser. They can be used with automated as well as manual packaging applications. Wicketed Bags are most commonly used for food, ice, and apparel.

Printed Individually Cut Bags are typically flat bags configured based on the unique packaging needs of a business. Once the features are determined, Printed Individually Cut Bags are manufactured to the customers’ specifications. – available with or without printing.

Poly Lip and Tape Bags and Poly Mailers are a great packing and mailing solution. Due to their durable material and strong adhesive closure, Poly Lip and Tape Bags and Poly Mailers keep contents safe from compromise during the shipping process. With the U.S. Postal Service’s stamp of approval, these packages can be used to ship magazines, clothing and other items that don’t require padded protection.

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