Looking for Automotive & Industrial Protective Packaging – Look No Further!

The importance of Protective Packaging cannot be overstated. While the need for Protective Packaging is obvious for some shipping items such as glass or electronics, the appropriate Protective Packaging is necessary for so many other items.

In the automotive industry and other industrial operations, shipping managers need a reliable source for quality protective packaging materials. This can range from foam, bubble, spunbond and polyethylene bags & pouches. These materials need to:

  • Be dependable and reliable to deliver the orders when needed
  • Provide quality Protective Packaging products that can protect their shipping items while being easy to use in their operations
  • Have pricing that is competitive
  • Understand the protective needs of the automotive and industrial operations markets

Look no further! Polymer Protective Packaging can provide your company with the right materials to do the important job of protecting your shipping items while making it easier for your shipping department. Polymer Protective Packaging converts a variety of flexible substrates into packaging products that work well in any type of shipping or packaging environment. These products can be used to package Class A surface items, industrial parts, automotive interior parts, engines, office chairs and many other types of products that need the right protection for their journey to the customer.

Polymer Protective Packaging offers many products to suit your specific shipping and packing needs:

  • Polyethylene films and bags are available in several grades
    • HDPE is the best grade for Class A painted parts and other products for maximum protection
    • LLDPE bags provide superior tear resistance without the added need for abrasion protection
  • PE foam and bubble for routine packing requirements
  • Spun bond polypropylene to cover products that need very low abrasion and or need to breath
  • Low tack adhesive masking films
  • Die cut bags for specific types and sizes of shipped products
  • Wicketed bags for high speed packaging operations
  • Box liners to minimize punctures and protect from potential spillage
  • Shrink films to thoroughly wrap large parts and products

Every business is unique, and Polymer Protective Packaging understands that your operation must have a dependable partner for your shipping, packing and packaging materials. Contact our experts at Polymer Protective Packaging for more information on their services and how your automotive or industrial operation can benefit from a real Protective Packaging partner.