Is Your Bag Filling System Hitting The Wickets? Wicketed Bags Are A Hit!

High speed bagging for industrial or retail packaging comes in a variety of forms, but that doesn’t mean they all work efficiently. If time matters, a bagging system that slows workers down can result in increased costs and waste. Many people assume that bags on a roll are the most efficient type of bag for high speed packaging operations. This can be true if the bags are large or if they will be suspended over the product and pulled down over the product. However if the bag needs to be torn off the roll then a wicketed bag or staple packs can save you time and money. Tearing a bag off of a roll requires two hands and typically will take at least 5 or 10 seconds to grab the bag, stabilize the roll, remove the bag and open it.

Wicketed bags and staple packs provide a system that allows the packer to simply drop the product into the already open bag and then pull it off with one hand and place it into the shipping container. This can normally be done in 1 or 2 seconds. Wicketed bags are individually cut and sealed bags that are stacked then held together with a wicket. Staple packs are also individually cut bags and stacked but are held together with staples. This allows you to present both kinds of bags to the packer in a vertical or horizontal position with the open end of the bags all facing the same direction. Once the bags are mounted, a small air line is used to blow air toward the bag openings. This will inflate the first bag which allows the packer to easily insert the item or part into the bag.

At Polymer Protective Packaging we manufacture wicketed bags and staple packs using both High Density Polyethylene or Linear Low polyethylene. If you want to reduce the time it takes to package your products then consider wicketed bags and staple packs. Contact a Polymer Protective Wicketed Bag expert today.