Choosing The Right Self-Sealing Protective Packaging Can Get A Little Sticky

The rigors of shipping and travel require that you make full use of protective packaging to ensure the contents arrive at their destination in the same condition you mailed them in. For a wide range of valuables and semi-valuables, Bubble Packaging Material helps utilize the full space of a package, and Bubble Bags make things easier for you by eliminating the need to wrap items. They come fully formed to simply accept whatever you’re shipping (obvious size requirements apply), and provide great protection with their airtight bubbles.

Additionally, Bubble Bags provide you with more space by only having the protective bubbles on the outside, along with a self-sealing (Lip and Tape) feature that makes them ready to absorb any likely shocks as soon as you place something inside and close – no taping, stapling or gluing necessary. Just place the Self-Seal Bubble Bag in a box or mailer bag and off you go!

Poly Mailers (Poly Lip and Tape Bags) in Custom Sizes, Prints and Films

Most Poly Mailers (Poly Lip and Tape Bags) come in standard sizes with white/gray coextruded films. At Polymer Protective Packaging we manufacture not only the standard sizes and gauges but also a wide variety of custom sizes, prints and films. Poly Mailers (Poly Lip and Tape Bags) can be constructed from clear or tinted film as well as printed or non-printed. We see a number of applications for standard US mail users, UPS shipments and custom industrial applications. Poly Mailers (Poly Lip and Tape Bags) are an extremely efficient low cost method to ship goods internally or externally. They are resistant to moisture, abrasion as well as dirt and dust.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will engineer the ideal Self-Seal Bubble Bag or Poly Mailer (Poly Lip and Tape Bag) for your application. We will also send our field tech agent to assist your installation as needed.

For more information on choosing the Right Self-Sealing Protective Packaging option, call us at 616-887-0382 or email