Why Pouches? Stand-Up Pouch Benefits

If you’re wondering “Why should I switch to pouches?”, here are some of the benefits:

  • Sustainability – Consumes less energy and requires fewer natural resources to produce, result in a higher product to package ratio. Also requires fewer trucks for transport, using less fuel and creating less emissions.
  • Consumer Convenience – Gives consumers the convenience to tear open the pouch to access the contents, along with grip seal closures utilized to enable easy opening or sealing for repeated use of products
  • Customization – Pouches are truly flexible and adaptable. You can customize the shape, size and materials according to your specifications.
  • Cost Reduction – Pouches use fewer resources to produce than other common types of packaging, lowering costs of production.
  • Differentiation – allows manufacturers to print eye-catching, unique, and high-quality custom designs to help increase product visibility in retail settings.
  • Contemporary Design – Ease of customization and modern look allow much more creative and contemporary design options compared to traditional packaging.
  • Improved Shelf Life and Durability – Flexible packaging is made from high-grade materials, and extends the shelf life of many products.

To meet the demands of your business, it is essential that you work with a contract manufacturer that has the capability to develop, produce and distribute the products your customers demand. Our business has grown because we help your business grow – our success lies in our ability to provide consistent high-quality products, unsurpassed speed-to-market and efficient supply chain management.

As your trusted partner IPP will participate in your pouch design, manufacture the pouch, contract your pouch to be filled and shipped – that is our total responsibility along with maximizing your profitability.