What Shape Do You Want to Be In?

No I am not proposing a new diet or physical fitness routine. I am talking about your Stand-Up liquid pouch.

Pouches on their own represent a disruptive packaging option as compared to your standard rigid plastic bottle, can or glass jar but are you aware that not only do they stand out on the shelf but they can take on just about any shape you can imagine

That’s interesting since I only see rectangular pouches with the spout on the top corner. Why?

Well there are two ways to fill liquid pouches. One method uses an opening in pouch at the top and fills liquids through that opening and then seals off the top of the pouch. Because of this process the spout must be placed on the top corner to allow for the top sealing of the pouch. Obviously this format is functional but quite restrictive from a design point of view.

This is how “they” fill their bags: Bag is filled through the top, hence the limitation of placement of the fitment. (Spoiler alert! IPP can put the fitment just about anywhere!)

We fill through the fitment, and you can put your fitment almost anywhere on a pouch except the gusset area as shown below. That’s a heck of a lot more options for design! We call this pouch the “Porcupine Pouch (TM)” Additionally, we can provide multiple spouts on the same pouch if your application requires that functionality.

Here are some more designs that we can fill.

Filling the pouch through the fitment allows for other advantages also such as reduced film required for the pouch since air is evacuated from the pouch before filling and therefore on any product that might be prone to bubbling it does not due to the lack of air trying to escape. High speed filling through the spout eliminates the agitation of the product thereby eliminating the bubbles.

So why is eliminating the bubbles in the product so important. First of all, if the product reaches the sealing area of the pouch after being filled through the opening in the pouch the sealing process is in jeopardy of creating leakers.

Also if your product is negatively impacted through exposure to additional oxygen that can reduce your shelf life then open pouch filling is your enemy. Eliminating that additional oxygen is another plus for filling your pouch through the spout.

Another benefit of the fitment filling is that the pouch is totally sealed except for the fitment and tested prior to filling to ensure that production of leakers is minimized. Having any amount of product in the sealing area that will causing leakers is just not possible.

In Summary the net advantages of filling through the fitment is the reduction of film required in the pouch for the same volume, elimination of leaking pouch due to sealing issues after filling, faster filling speeds and design flexibility that highlights your product for on shelf pouch presentation.

So let’s be creative together. Please contact IPP and challenge our team with you most creative pouch designs. They can be just off the wall creative and/or provide your end user a more convenient method of using your product.

Either way, IPP stands ready to make your dreams come true. Give us a try!
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