Standardization = Innovation … Are you Kidding?

No, I am not kidding!  Have you ever wanted to do anything unique, but at every turn there is a “setup charge,” “tooling charge” or some other fee? All these things serve to “slow your roll,” hinder the momentum or limit one’s enthusiasm for innovation.

The reason those fees and charges exist is because industry in general is not setup to provide for your unique, innovative and/or interesting packaging requirements. The focus is on current and forecasted production. This makes sense for business, but is not always compatible with innovation.

Well, we here at IPP or Innovative Pouch Packaging are running a business with innovative in the name…so we MUST make the two compatible in such a way as to maintain existing and future business, but also foster elimination by eliminating barriers, roadblocks, tsunami’s, mudslides and whatever else may get in the way of innovation!

And yes, there it is…that’s where standardization can lead to innovation. Let me explain….Starting with the “Fitment” or the “Spout.”

The spout or fitment for a pouch can be selected or produced to handle just about any need you would have for your product/package combination. “So I just choose my spout and cap based on the product needs, a few other factors and then I’m done right?”

Nope! We only wish it were that easy…

One needs to consider the availability of equipment and suppliers capable of producing a pouch with that size/shape/color spout and then also being able to fill and cap that package on their machinery. If you don’t have the right combination of specifications, then you could be faced with $15,000 to $40,000 of additional startup costs.

At Innovative Pouch Packaging, we have taken these concerns to heart and have standardized (there it is!) our process from pouch design through pouch filling. Specifically, this means we’ve narrowed our spouts down to four sizes.

We offer 9.6 mm, 13,.0 mm, 16.0mm and 21.5mm fitment sizes that will not require any up-front investment on your part.  This covers the vast array of products and packages, along with associated closure types for the majority of consumer and industrial products in the market today. That also means we just saved you up to $40,000 and we haven’t even started your project yet. Just imagine what we could do if we sat down and worked together! (The possibilities are endless one might say).

With this standardization of fitment sizes, you can essentially bypass the investment questions – $15 to $40,000 remember! – and start that innovative pouch design process knowing that IPP has you covered.

Of course, if you still want/require another size spout, we will assist you in the acquisition of change parts to meet your needs.  You will have the opportunity to by-pass that decision through our standardized fitment offerings.

We have taken into account many of the other areas where standardized steps ensure that what you design can be produced and filled on time and economically with Innovative Pouch Packaging.

So please share with us today your packaging challenges, goals and flexible packaging questions so we can provide you with the right package time and time again that meets your needs and provides that innovative edge in the marketplace.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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