Flexible Packaging Technology

Pouch Filling

Not only is our packaging flexible, but our filling alignments are as well!

Innovative Pouch Packaging is aligned with cGMP, ISO, FDA Cosmetic and FDA Over-The-Counter Drug registered facilities offering contract pouch and bag-in-box filling services. So essentially we can have almost any non-food liquid pouch filled, with foods being added daily. We can align your production needs through contract filling or set you up with filling capability at your facility.

Fitment(Spout) & Cap Selection

When it comes to flexible pouches a fitment is required which provides all the benefits of a rigid packaging’s wide selection of closures. The fitment can be placed almost anywhere along the sides, edges or top of the pouch. Anything from choke proof caps for kids to a sprayer attachment for home cleaning products. We can help you with this fitment/cap selection process in order to meet your customer, marketing, regulatory and other packaging requirements.

Printer Film Lamination

One of the major benefits of flexible film is the ability to create a structure that exactly meets your needs or specifications for barrier, shelf life, protection, printing and overall look and feel of your product! First we determine what barrier or protection is required and then we mate that to the correct materials for the look and feel of your pouches. One of our industry leading barrier materials that we provide is coextruded PVDC which provides a much better barrier than EVOH and does not degrade with exposure to moisture.

Shaped Pouches

This is the fun part! We work collaboratively with you to design your pouch to fit your marketing and branding guidelines. This is done in a way that seamless integrates with your industry and the various nuances of flexible packaging. We can handle or help with everything from early stage design concepts to prepress and production ready artwork. At the end of the day we want to make sure that the structural shape, graphic design and fitment/cap selection are designed seamlessly into a gorgeous pouch.

Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes and that is what IPP is all about.

Using the 30 years of pouch experience of our parent company Polymer Packaging, IPP adds to that expertise the newest innovations possible in the pouch industry today.

Having experienced first-hand the challenges of working with separate independent suppliers within the pouch industry it became abundantly clear that without the close coordination of the suppliers of film, printing, fitment selection, pouch production and filling services any project is destined to be challenging at best.

Providing that forward thinking and using the most technically advanced printing, pouch making and filling alignments allows IPP to not only provide top quality pouches but also innovative designs that will enhance your client’s experience.

Manufacturing unique pouches along with bag-in-box solutions demonstrates that IPP is leading the industry with the complete answer for your entry into the fast-growing world of pouch packaging.