Polymer Film & Bag About Us


The Polymer Packaging Family of Companies specializes in turning ideas and concepts into reality. Since its founding in 1986, PPI has evolved into a state-of-the-art manufacturing organization specializing in providing superior flexible packing solutions for the food, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, industrial and other packaging markets nationwide.

Our engineering and sales teams are fully engaged in finding cost-reducing solutions for the most demanding requirements.  Our extensive fully equipped on-site LAB SERVICES provide full design and reverse engineering solutions.


An SQF & Quality manufacturing company located in Massillon, Ohio servicing industrial and food service markets. Our state-of-the-art W&H co-extrusion lines offer superior quality films that are environmentally responsible through the design of stronger but thinner films that surpass properties of thicker conventional films.

Film Production:

  • W&H 3-layer lines
  • Source reduction up to 50% over existing films
  • Thickness range: .0003 to 10mil
  • Size range: 14” to 125” wide


  • Custom Poly Bags, Sheeting & Tubing
  • Perforated on rolls or Individually Clean Cut
  • Converter Grade Sheeting
  • Leakproof Square Bottom Bags

ADIETSM Proven Process

Polymer Packaging has created a new quality initiative, the ADIETSM Proven Process. The ADIETSM Proven Process is a five-step process to improve the customer’s experience.

See more information at https://www.polymerpkg.com/about-us/our-proven-process/.