INNO-LOK® Zipper

INNO-LOK zipper for packaging

Add re-closable INNO-LOK® Zipper to your EXISTING pillow package.

Polymer Packaging is the leading converter of the INNO-LOK pre-applied zipper for use on vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) equipment.

With the INNO-LOK Zipper, we apply a pre-zippered fastener transversely to your printed film web that runs on your existing VFFS equipment. This patented, user-friendly option can be added quickly to for minimal cost. The INNO-LOK alternative can convert your existing non-zippered products in form-fill-seal roll stock with recloseable zipper packaging in six weeks or less.

The INNO-LOK runs on all existing machines including Viking-Masek, Bosch, Triangle, Sandiacre, Hayssen, Matrix, Doboy, and Kliklok-Woodman and Rovema, to name a few. Processing on a VFFS machine requires slight modification for clearance of zipper between the forming collar and fill tube.

In addition to the multitude of frozen food and dry food applications in which INNO-LOK excels, PPI specializes in hermetic packaging for the fresh cut produce industry. This in conjunction with our Bag Top version accommodates nearly any front panel pre-applied zipper application.

INNO-LOK pre-zippered film runs on conventional VFFS equipment?

  • No additional equipment required
  • Comparable to conventional non-zippered films
  • No reduction in processing speeds
  • No increase in scrap or waste
  • No increase in set-up time
  • Processes faster than other reclosable packaging methods
  • Potential savings up to 25% in zipper material, up to 15% in packaging
    material, up to 20% in lost scrap
  • Significantly less down time
  • Better quality package
  • Maximum flexibility of machine scheduling
  • Increases product sales and minimizes loss
  • Lowest capital investment for the end user
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Pre-Zippered Film Marketing Advantages

  • Leverage competitive advantage with package design
  • Build brand loyalty with a product that functions effectively through
    extended use
  • Increase market share
  • Greater consumer convenience and appeal
  • Maintains product freshness and consistent quality
  • Quick to market (in as little as six weeks)

1. Front Panel – Standard Zipper

  • Basic INNO-LOK application with front panel opening feature
  • Non-barrier applications
  • Typically used in frozen foods and bulk packaging for food and non-food products

2. Front Panel – Peel Seal Hermetic Zipper

  • Typically used in fresh cut salad/produce, snack foods, confections, nuts, etc.
  • Zipper application is tested in leak tank for leakers
  • Hermetic barrier flange with peel seal available. Used on potato chips, coffee, etc.

NOTE: Standard rule—if you are using a barrier film, use Peel Seal zipper.

3. Front Panel – Wide Track Zipper

  • Non-barrier applications
  • Granular products – seasonings, breading, flour, sugars, etc.

4. Bag Top

  • Conventional cut to open-style bag, identical to in-line packages
  • Will run on your existing VFFS equipment
  • Requires jaw modification
  • Additional header material
  • Additional zipper material

5. DoubleZip

  • Double track zipper
  • Ergonomic design
  • Two sets of profiles are strategically spaced to guide consumers’ fingers along a path when closing the package
  • Ensures complete bag closure after each use
  • Dual profiles enhance seal strength to prevent package opening and prevent product loss

6. Pour & Lok™

  • Reclosable pour spout for side gusseted packaging
  • Uses Zip-Pak® closure or Velcro®
INNO-LOK thumb tab to open zipper
INNO-LOK thumb tab opening style zipper
INNO-LOK reclosable zipper for packaging
Simply slide fingers across INNO-LOK zipper to close
vertical form fill and seal machine
INNO-LOK roll film converted to zippered packaging
INNO-LOK pre-applied zipper roll film on VFFS equipment
INNO-LOK pre-applied zipper roll film on VFFS equipment
INNO-LOK roll film feeder
INNO-LOK pre-applied zipper roll film on feeder for VFFS equipment
INNO-LOK thumb tab pull to open zipper
INNO-LOK zipper front panel thumb tab pull to open
INNO-LOK zipper front panel pull tab to open zipper
INNO-LOK pull tab to open
INNO-LOK bag top zipper
INNO-LOK bag top zipper
Pour & Lok side gusset pouch packaging
Pour & Lok side gusseted packaging