Converter Grade Films


Converter Grade Sheeting/Films

  • General Purpose (GP) Films
  • Sealant Web (SW) Films
  • Stretch Hooded (SH) Films
  • Shrink Films (SF)

Custom Poly Bags, Sheeting & Tubing (Perforated-On-Rolls or Individually Cut)


W&H 3-layer lines (size/construction)

Source reduction up to 50% over existing films


Roll diameters up to 49” or 2,200 ibs.
3” or 6” cores
Treatment levels up to 54 dynes/cm2 wound inside or out


We offer a wide variety of engineering grades of resin producing superior high quality films. These include:

  • LDPE, LLDPE (butene, hexene and octene), mLLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, mPE, Surlyn, EVA, nylon, EVOH, and other specialty resins.
  • Colors
  • Microbial control
  • Anti-stat
  • Recyclable & reprocessed