Deciding whether to produce a product in-house or outsource it to a contract packer is a complex decision that every manufacturer must face. Before any company can make this decision, there are many factors to consider. The leadership team should begin by defining short- and long-term goals for the company and the product, including timelines and deadlines for product completion and forecasted growth expectations.  IPP consultants can help you conduct a full analysis and help you determine the proper decision for your company.  IPP understands that walking before running is the normal process and we are here to get you started with production quantities that recognize the inherent risks of changing from rigid to flexible pouch packaging. Since we are a contract supplier we recognize that at some point you may wish to bring the filling process in-house.  No worries, we offer you two options to consider. We will place our equipment and personnel into your facility and fill at your site or we can provide you the equipment and training so that you can fill yourself.  All we would ask is that you contract with us for the equipment and pouches.